About us

The massive shift to remote work makes the challenges of keeping everyone in-sync more critical than ever.

And while tools like Zoom and Slack have been lifesavers — for many of us, that's led to even more meetings. From daily check-ins, to weekly status updates, to periodic strategy meetings, it can be difficult to keep up and make sure everyone is on the same page.


That's where we can help. We founded our service in 2021 in the beautiful mountains of Park City, Utah with a singular purpose: to help leaders of remote, distributed teams ensure everyone is connected and aligned.

Our team hires talented people across the country (never overseas) to carefully review any recorded meetings you share with us, take detailed notes, and send you beautiful meeting summaries that capture not only the key takeaways and next steps, but the contextual information, conversational highlights, and key screen captures of presentations or screen shares.


You can think of our team as an extension of yours. Each member of our small team is an experienced professional, many with years of experience in project management and corporate communication. Imagine if you could spend each meeting fully present and engaged with your customers, employees, and partners — confident that each important note and next step is being carefully recorded and will be shared out with you, often within hours.

We also know that your meetings are of course private and confidential — and that's why at the beginning of our engagement with you we sign a confidentiality agreement and adhere to a very strict terms of service. Additionally, we have in-place strict privacy controls so you can move forward with confidence.

This new world of work is upon us. Interested in learning more about how we can help you?